Dear Steinberg Forum users,
i have a problem with my Ci2 under MAC OS X 10.5.8
when a i want install it the setup wizars says “I can not install your hardware on this system!!”
does anyone have the same problem of allready solved this issue…

Many thanks.

Are you installing it on your computer’s administrator account?

Hello, I need urgent help:

                                            I have a CI2 with Cubase AI5 Noise Ratio and generates a strong, constant interference when recording or when I want to play music. Already depleted resources about Electricity, since I have a wired connection to ground, also install the latest drivers, change with Cubase 5 and the noise persists ... I check the machine with a technician and find no loss of energy ... Subi latency at the suggestion of the board, but nothing. I would be grateful to give me a help because the need ... The USB generate noise? Have something to do with my external card internal card machine that produces interference?