Does the line out from the CI2 needs to be a balanced TRS jack or can I safely use an Unbalanced TS jack? I am having trouble pulling a signal out with my current TS to XLR setup. Need some help here. Thanks.

It doesn’t need to be TRS. TS is fine, but if whatever is recieving your signal has balanced inputs, then using TRS would be preferred.
If you’re using a TS to XLR cable, check how the pins are wired. If the tip is wired to both signal pins on the XLR (I forgot their numbers, I always forget…) then the receiving connection will assume it’s balanced and neatly cancel itself :wink:
If that’s the case, it’s probably easiest to just get a TRS to XLR cable, they’ll always work.

Thanks. Could be a assignment of pins. Anyways, switched out to a TRS and fixed the problem. :slight_smile: I build my own cables.Am that I am using was supposed to auto detect if the load was a balanced or unbalance signal. Guess it didn’t work in this instance. A 460W output powered amp at 4 Ohms driving a pair of small 6 Ohms bookshelves. Overkill yep. :laughing:

so what signal does comes from the phone out and line out? balanced or unbalanced?

I need to run long cable which comes out from phone out and line out, so I need direct box if its unbalanced