Cinematic Strings Stops working

So, I am using CS and everything used to work fine. However, as I’m sure we all know, things seem to randomly mess up and stop working. So now, I’m facing this problem with CS. I load the instrument. Everything works great, loads quick. Then after I play it a couple times. It just stops working and I have to disable it and then re-enable it in order to get it working again. I’ve been having to do this every single time I play it recently…as you can imagine this will drive anyone crazy. I’ve looked for solutions but I haven’t found any.

ASUS republic of gaming
16 gigs ram
256 or something hd with an extra 1t within the computer

I have cubase 8 pro, kontakt ultimate 10, CS2

Bought everything, nothing is pirated.

Any help to keep me from throwing my computer out of my apartment window would be much appreciated…I’m not sure my landlord would really appreciate that.