Cinematic Strings Stops working

So, I’ve got a 2016 brand new ASUS republic of gamers laptop. 16 gigs ram. Newest everything. Two hard drives one 256 dedicated and 1t slave.

Everything is legit (no pirated anything)
Cubase 8 pro, Kontakt ultimate 10 and CS 2.

So everything used to work fine, but as we all know things just get jacked up for no apparent reason. So CS used to work great, but now it plays through one time of the song, and then I have to disable the track and re-enable it. Recently I’ve been having to do this every time I play it, and this is terribly annoying. Any ideas as to what could solve this? I’ve updated the library and that still didn’t do anything.

Any help with this would be appreciated! I’d rather spend my time making music, but seems like I’m just spending a lot of time searching forums for answers to problems that keep happening lol.

Nobody has any clue what the issue could be?

Hmmm. Steinberg or anyone out there that can help me with this? crickets chirp

Sorry, but you haven’t given us much to go on. I don’t understand what jacked up is, you mean track is silent?
Is is just happening on this one track on this particular project?
I would look at any cc data you recorded and key switches and automation. Also look at if you unloaded articulations in the cinematic strings gui.

Yes, I agree.
For testing purposes, insert a MIDI-CC001 (Modulation Data) event with value 127 in the first MIDI track .
Then have a look at the keys that load or unload articulations (from C0 upwards).
Did you transpose the song in the inspector? In this case the keys will be transposed, too.
Watch the GUI during playback what happens…