Does anyone have experience with CINEMATIC STUDIO SOLO STRINGS (cinematicstudioseries) and Dorico? Does this really not work? On the CSS website it says that the library is not designed for it. I am looking for good solo strings, not tuttis.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum and welcome to the deep end! In short, it works absolutely fine and I use it in around half a dozen chamber works so far. Ignore what CS say --they’re just covering themselves because they don’t know much about Dorico. The main issue with the CS libraries is the delay on legato which affects DAW’s as well but they’re working on a “delay light” version which was supposed to be out by the end of the year which, judging from the one for woodwind, should make any annoyances with this a thing of the past. Otherwise the only little irritation is you need to actually play both notes of a trill as a chord into the score --use a hidden staff for this. Most articulations can be mapped in two different ways, either by a CC58 command or a keyswitch. In general use the CC where possible.

I posted an Expression Map somewhere in case you want a starting point. There may be others.

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Thank you so much. So it’s a good time to take advantage of their black friday offer. And yes, if you find it I would love to have the expression map, that would be wonderful. Thank you very much.

Black Friday is certainly the time to get your first Cinematic Studio library. i did exactly that last year and if you want more, everything is increasingly discounted from now on. Here’s the map which seems to be the latest. Any problems just PM me and I’ll try to help.
CS Solo (2.2 KB)

Fantastic! Thanks so much for your help and time!!!

How is the non-delay version of woodwinds, have you actually tried it yet?

yes - I find the expressive quality differs very little from the standard delay and quite happily use it throughout.

Yes, I also downloaded the 1.3 version of CSW, it sounds beautiful also with the low-latency mode. Very much looking forward to the strings!

Same boat here. I was looking at those libraries, and one put off was what they said in the FAQs; they are not supporting Dorico.
But if you say you manage to create EM without going crazy, that might be the push I need to reconsider them again and take advantage of the current discounts. :thinking:

I wouldn’t worry about CS Dorico support. There are enough people here who have got it to work OK that you shouldn’t have any problem getting help through this forum in case you find something that’s as clear as mud or doesn’t work. The user manual is short and tells you virtually everything you need to know about programming the articulations, including situations where velocity is used in addition to CC’s for legato --it’s important to be aware of this. Things specific to notation software like trills are fine once you understand what to do.

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Just keep in mind that dorico doesn’t (yet) have a proper way of dealing with the legato delay. But like said earlier, that will be slightly less of a problem when CSS is updated before end of the year.

Thanks for the info, however, i’m a bit puzzled after I read the below from the CS FAQs, are you sure they consider the delay an issue?

Latency / Delay : All of the libraries in the Cinematic Studio Series have been designed to maximise realism, especially when playing legato. To achieve this, we incorporated a delay system, whereby each new note you play in a legato phrase will be delayed by up to around 1/4 of a second. This requires practising playing your melodies slightly ahead of the beat, which will become natural after a short while. We feel that it’s worth the effort; this is a fundamental aspect of the library, and will not be changed

they’re referring to playing live which means you should make a slight adjustment to your playing to compensate for the latency so in that case, they don’t really regard it as an issue. When not recording live but quantising through step input or simply writing notes then the latency is sometimes enough to be noticeable, irrespective of whether you use Dorico or a DAW. They realise this and hence the reason for developing the lower latency versions.