Cinematique Guitar Harmonics Essentials is free.

Check it out here.

It is nice that Halion is building some 3rd party libraries.

Well spotted - was just about to do this!

Downloaded and it won’t load or register or some such thing… It says my trial version is expired… Hmmm…

Me too((( And can’t find any decision

Works ok here. Did you use the activation code you got by email?

Are you trying to use Halion or Halion Sonic and don’t have a license for those?

They don’t tell you how to use the activation code. Assuming everything is up to date…
In eLicenser, hit the green enter activation code button. Then copy/paste the code form your e-mail.
Launching Cubase, you should get no error message. You can then load the library in Halion Sonic SE. (only one patch)

Works ok here. Did you use the activation code you got by email?

Yes. I did

I use Halion Sonic and I have a license

I did it as you said)
It’s the first time for me when something is going wrong with Cubase
I have license, I use Halion Sonic
In my eLicenser I see that “Halion 3rd party content BA3980” is registered and should working
Halion SE is registered too.
The both licenses are full
But when I launch a Cubase I see the message
“Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing or trial licenses has expired”
But at the same time I see the both licenses for Halion and for Guitar Harmonics in the eLicenser. They are registered and they are not trial.
I would be very thankful if someone can help me.

All good here…

Thanks. It was a some mistake with a license. I’ve just update it. Now everything is good.

This is the most helpful information I can find. I can not find any written information about how to set up or use Guitar Harmonics.

I can launch Cubase without any error messages but I can not seem to find it in Halion Sonic SE.

How does it load n Halion Sonic SE? What am I supposed to press? How do I “load the library in?”
I feel a bit noobish, it must be simple I am guessing.

Assistance, Please! I downloaded this VST. All went flawlessly and I have it registered in my E-Licenser. I assumed that I would find this vst plugin in my Halion sonic 3 as one of the several vst instruments but it is nowhere to be found. It is not listed in my list of vst instruments (under devices) either.

So, where is it and how do I access it?

Thank you to this forum pros in advance!


Assuming you activated the license AND installed the Instrument Set, it should show up in the HALion or HS or HSSE as a Guitar Harmonics library when you go to the “load” tab. Where you would see all the other instruments such as Auron, B-Box, Anima, Factory, Raven, etc.

Hi and thank you for the quick reply. I did all that and I did expect to find it among the instrument sets. But no…

Now that I know I should find it there, I will back track and see where I went wrong.

Thank you!


Well, all I can say is that this install is far from straithforward!

When the web site mentions Free download, it does NOT mean Guitar harmonics essentials. Rather, it downloads the Steinberg download assistant. You then have to proceed and find the actual program to download (I had to look for it). Then, what is actually downloaded is a Steinberg directory, with a subdirectory called WIN64, and finally the two files I downloaded: the guitar essentials and the manual.

I managed to get Halion sonic 3 to recognize it but it offers only one sound. On the edit tab, it asks me to update to a more recent version (no interface whatsoever). Before I go any further ( I am in unfamiliar territory, here) can you help me get this thing working? For one thing, now that I know the installer will not do it for me, where do I put these files so that Halion library sees them?

Did I completely miss an easy install and unknowingly got into the weeds?

Hope I get the promised email after I signed up for this. It’s been over an hour with nothing received. :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

I think that is it. I got one preset (or “patch”) with 4 octaves of harmonics. The Macro page has knobs for Tone, reverb, delay, attack, and decay.

Very basic. Certainly nothing special but it is free and lets users get a feel for the interface style of the Cinematique instruments.

Thank you! Very basic indeed. I don’t even see the macro page with the knobs but I will not waste my time trying to make it work. That’s one for the recycle bin…