City Of Dreams

Hi there,heres one with my brother on a yamaha dt explorer drum kit,we didnt use it as a midi controller we just recorded one of the on board sounds directly too a stereo track ,it didn`t turn out that bad. soz Kevin i erased the other version on soundcloud by mistake.

Any way you do it it’s a good track!!!

Thanks Kevin ,much appreciated,glad you like it.

Great playing again! Nice mix

Works for me. Good balance and nice feel. Very nice guitar licks. Somehow I expected a bit wilder guitar solo (the playing is good and technical but something is missing for me). I liked the end where guitar and bass play riffs together.

cheers Kenny,glad you like the mix on this one.

Hi hko thanks for the comment ,glad you liked the riffs ,i tried my best with the solo , the rhythm and riffs were done through my Marshall and miked up . the solo and fills i did direct through a Boss GX 700 .

I like it… guitars sound good. :slight_smile: Thought the drums were a bit ‘thin’ for want of a better word though. I felt they needed fattening up… and I was largely unaware of the kick. It’s there but not pounding away at my chest the way I’d like to hear/feel it on this track.

Good stuff.


thanks for your reply Ian ,i ll have another look at the kit,its funny you mention the kick cause the original is pretty non existent ,and i had punched in another kick along with the original trying to beef it up ,yeh probs needs a touch more volume, thanks

My enlightened feedback is…holy crap! I heard Fripp, Holdsworth and Hendrix influence in the guitar parts. :sunglasses:

Really liked this a lot. I wasn’t thinking anything technical while listening and was just digging the vibe.

Loads of talent in this forum!

cheers aMUSEd spot on with the influences, i thought the rhythm part was more Frank Marino or Robin Trower which is really Hendrix i suppose, yes im a big fan of Jimi ,and have and do listen to the other two very often, Alan Holdsworth is from my hometown and he is a big deal round here, lots of people know him and also remember him when he played in a resident band at local dance club called the Mecca in the late 60s early 70s apparently .only god knows what inspired him to play the way he does and coming from round here ,it must have been to escape ,incredible.a friend of mine from here who collects S.G.s has one of Alans old guitars.

Thanks for sharing that. It’s true that we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.

i`m sure there are a few short guys aswell. soz :laughing: