City Of Dreams

this is a track i wrote and recorded about 6 month ago, i was after an hendrix type vibe but it ended up sounding more like robin trower or frank marino which is more or less hendrix anyway, my brother plays the yamaha dt explorer drum kit we just took a stereo out from the kit, hope you enjoy it.

way cool, thats so robin trower, use to listen to alot of his stuff. some really nice playing, much enjoyed!
especially liked when the guitar wigged out there, when the theme riff came back in it seemed a bit out of place to split the guitar leads, minor thing. maybe could’ve just went into the next lead.
great track!

That rocks! Definitely hear the Trower influence (I love solo Trower). Sounds good, but it’d be a bit better if you could go back and do some “sound replacement” with samples on just the kick… I know you just did a stereo recording of the drums but the kick is a bit lost in there.

Thanks for posting – don’t hear much good “classic rock” around here anymore

Surprising really given most here are of the right age to actually know what classic rock is!

Yeah this is a good sounding track and I agree with Doug (oddly enough :wink: ) about the kick being a bit lost - the snare kinda dominates the drums as a result. Maybe running the drum track through a multi-band compressor would help? Actually I think the bass is also a little understated too…perhaps…

Anyway… nice guitar work… enjoyed this one! :sunglasses:

love that expression wigged out ,thanks for your comments bluebob

thanks for you comments chaps ,i never thought of trying that with the bass drum ,good thinking . thanks.


Any thoughts on the snare Doug? :laughing:

(private joke)

Like it.

you two are like laurel & hardy :laughing:

thanks alot appreciate it.