CL Extension / Import Track Names/Colors

Hi all,

I have a CL5. DVS is installed and running. Dante signals show up fine but I can’t get track names, colors, or console control to work. The extension is installed. In Project Menu, “Get Track Name/Color” is grayed out.

The DVS is mounted in Dante Setup and also selected in Recorder Setup. I also tried specifying the IP.

Console is on 2.04. Nuendo Live is 1.1.

Any ideas?

Make sure that the Control Port of the CL5 is connected to the same network as the Dante port and the computer running Nuendo Live. The CL/QL series controls the transport of Nuendo Live via the same control port used for CL/QL Editor and/or the iPad app. If you can synchronize CL/QL Editor from the same laptop you have Nuendo Live on, you should have control at the console.

There is no need to connect the control port to the network.
The implmentation is flakey and does not always work. I and others have struggled with this for a while, but it seems that one possible way to get it to work is to manually set the IP address in the Nuendo Live setup screen on the CL to your computer’s IP address.

See here and here for more information.

I also have issues with a successful integration. I use a redundant Network with 2 Switches, no daisy chain.
I just wonder if it is good to set the IP manually because here:
i says that you should choose the automatic I.P. Adress for your PC…

I really like fixed I.P. Adresses so why is it recommendet to use Dante with DHCP?