Clarett 4Pre Usb Cubase Pro 11 No Audio

I plugged into my PC laptop a Focurite Clarett 4Pre USB interface hopping to record some vocals on my Cubase Pro 11. Two hours changing settings and configurations and I could not get any sound from Cubase. I could hear sound from the Windows Media Player so to get clear with any suggestion type “had you had your speakers on” or any USB issues. Nothing like that. The interface was seen by the OS and the DAW. Focusrite Audio Usb was set as the default audio driver. And as the audio device for the input outputs. But nothing at all.

Nowhere on Youtube or Google did I find information on this combination. So here I am and help will be appreciated.

You say audio usb but do you mean asio chosen? Have you set up you ins and outs in connections? If loading old projects have you checked the routing of the tracks as this is sometimes lost with a new interface.