Clarification on 'Dorico score default templates' and Library Manager

I have a somewhat simple question, but just want to know if I’m doing things in the ‘safest way’.

  • so, I open a ‘New score from a Dorico Template’ (ie: Band - Concert Band) from the Hub
  • I make some changes in the engraving/notation settings along the way, and as I make these modifications/customizations, I save them as the ‘Make Default Settings’ because I want to create one or more scores for a set of small scores that will have the same look and feel

Now, I come back another day and open up a new template Band/Concert Band from the Hub, and I find that my ‘Default Fonts’ and some other changes are reflected in this new untouched template score.

What is the best way to totally regain the unadulterated Dorico settings for this Band/Concert template as if totally fresh and never opened before?

  • use Library Manager? do a comparison to ‘Default setting’ and just import everything that is ‘in the red’?
  • will this procedure make the Band/Concert Band ‘fresh and untouched’?
  • is there ever a danger that the ‘Factory Defaults’ can be over-ridden and never regained without having to do a fresh install?
  • umm…where do the ‘Factory Templates’ reside in Mac OSX? (I see where ‘user templates’ are). Is there ever a need to find them and open them up outside of using the Hub to open up a fresh template?
  • are all the Dorico settings totally reset when using Library Manager to set everything back to factory-fresh? All the default page settings and everything?

I just don’t want to lose any of the wonderful, original Dorico default settings!

(sorry, but I guess there’s more than one simple questions there!)

You’ve sort of answered your own question re factory settings: use the Library Manager and compare to factory settings.

The complication is that some of the factory templates have overrides built in. Mostly these concern Layout Options - for instance the solo templates don’t have staff labels shown at the beginning of each system, and will have larger staff sizes than the factory defaults.

They achieve these different results in a different way to user templates, which are effectively just Dorico projects. Factory templates are baked into the program itself, and don’t exist as Dorico projects. They’re constructed on the fly from a single XML (not MusicXML) file that tells Dorico how they should diverge from factory settings.

I suppose the cleanest way to get factory defaults back is to go to each of Engraving Options, Notation Options and Layout Options (both from a score layout and a part layout) and Reset to Factory at the bottom of the dialog. Then load whichever factory template you want.

Note that uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico won’t reset factory settings, as your overrides to these various options dialogs are stored in the user folder, similarly to your user templates.

Thanks for the quick reply! Nice to know the details of how it’s all working.

The nice thing about Dorico is that this kind of ‘problem’ is resolved very quickly and easily within the program over a cup of coffee. Beautiful! Thanks!