Clarification on Italian Instrument Name

Violincello e basso

In the Classical Orchestra score template there is the violincello and then the staff below states violincello e basso.

Is that cello & double bass on the same staff or just double bass. I ask because I have a Mozart score with no cello stave but it does have violincello e basso.

Any insight would be appreciated:-)


In English, the last two staves in Dorico’s Classical Orchestra template are for ‘Violoncello’ and ‘Double Bass’. It doesn’t have doubling. You can of course modify the template as you want. A single line for both instruments is common in Classical and Baroque scores.

Note that it’s ‘ViolOncello’, not Violincello. It’s a little Violone, not a big Violin.

Thanks benwiggy.

The template I was talking about is the Italian instrument version from Dorico.

If violoncello e basso can be for both then what is the Italian name for Double Bass on its own?

Contrabbasso or just Basso.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Pay attention to the double b: Contrabbasso is the correct word (it’s called ”raddoppiamento sintattico”).


Ma certo! Mi dispiace per il sbaglio! :blush:

:wink: the Italian grammar is tricky! For example, il contrabbasso / lo sbaglio! :wink:

But your Italian is probably better than my English!

And I’ll never stop to thank you, benwiggy, for the script to outline fonts.