Clarify Halion Version installed with Elements?

I was thinking of upgrading Halion per instruments summer sale ( but there seemed to be no option to upgrade from Halion Sonic SE.
This led me to wonder: since I upgraded from Dorico SE to Elements, installed everything afresh per download manager:

  • Is Halion SE (as Dorico currently has it) intended for Dorico Elements?

  • Is the upgrade to “Halion 6” from “Halion Sonic 3” (or 1 or 2). Which to choose?

  • Should the “Default playback template” in Dorico Preferences be set to "HSSE (Elements)"or “HSSE (SE)” (It was set to HSSE (SE) by Dorico installer)

Ah … I see that the VST Instrument panel for Halion Sonic SE says something slightly different: “Halion Sonic SE3”.I assume then that I would upgrade to Halion 6 from Halion Sonic 3

Even if you buy HALion, you’ll still keep and be able to use HALionSonic SE (HSSE). Also HSSE can play all sound patches you create with HALion, it simply just can’t edit them. So you don’t upgrade from HSSE to HALion, you get an additional plug-in.
And if you want to buy HALion, get the latest version.
The HALion templates in Dorico will always choose HSSE as plug-in, the difference is only the sound set it picks the patches from.

Thanks Ulf. Almost there :slight_smile:
I think you are also implying that there is no “price discount / update” from the Halion Sonic SE3 bundled with Dorico to Halion Sonic 3.

Yes, that’s right.