Clarify required files to update from 7.0 to 7.5

Sorry to repeat this request, but for mine and a lot of people’s peace of mind I think we need the following clarification;
Am I right to assume that from the 7.5 update page;

The 7.5 update (900mb) and second iso image (HSSE2 content) (3.4GB) provide ALL I need for a successful update from 7.0 ?
If so, what is contained in the Grace Period update (6GB) other than the 900mb update and the 3.4gb HSSE2 content, ie why is it 2gb bigger than the option above?

Also, please note that I have discovered an issue where downloaded iso files report to have been successful and show no signs of error, but are actually not the full iso image. This would explain some of the missing content problems.

Downloading large files without being able to use a download tool from website which is not consistent is always going to cause problems. I love Steinberg’s stuff but really must share my amazement in this day and age that you can’t find a better way of providing content. It’s just weird.

Might I suggest publishing on the downloads page the size of the files as reported by the ‘properties’ tab inside the OS or some small tool for checking if the download really was as successful as it thought it was. This way we can check if the file is good to go before we install it.