Clarifying Cubase Upgrade Cost

I’m a ‘Back to Cubase’ user originally from the Cubase 3SX and Cubase 6 days…now I am on Cubase 9.

Just wanted to clarifying the new upgrade costs that Cubase has now with the X.5 versions.
Is it always the same cost to upgrade twice from X.5 to the next version, rather than waiting and upgraded a full version?

Not much reason for me to upgrade really except for the expanded plugin count…but I guess I would do it if its the same cost.

No one will be able to tell you for sure, except of those users who own a crystal ball, but lately they are very rare on the forums.


Someone seemed to indicate to me on a previous thread that this price upgrade ‘lock’ was almost guaranteed. That they wouldn’t double charge you from going to X.5 then to the next version.

I guess that isn’t the case by your crystal ball comment?

It’s likely to be the case but things do change sometimes. I imagine a big jump in inflation (international or local) might change the policy for a start.

People who upgrade every year and those who skip a version or two pay the same.

The exception is people upgrading from very old versions. They get a small discount to prevent the price from getting unreasonable, since these are mostly people who took a break from making music or people who have been trying other DAWs but decided to come back to Cubase.