Clarinet 1 and 2 refuse to condense

I’m trying to create a condensed score for a full concert band piece, but I can not make Clarinet 1 and 2 condense. Here’s my Layout settings.

(I’m sorry, I can’t upload the Dorico file because it is too big. )
I have went through the full score and made sure that any odd things like bar repeat markers and the like are the same in both parts. There is one place where the clarinet 2 notes cross over clarinet 1, but that wouldn’t keep the entire score from condensing would it?

So I found the note crossing value in Notation Options and selected to allow unlimited crossings, and that seemed to do the trick!
Now I’m still struggling to create a readable and printable condensed score. Is there advice on how the condense the entire score as succinctly as possible? Sort of like this one?

America Beautiful_Score Condensed page 2.pdf (269.4 KB)

Hi @eedubya , you can experiment with the Reduce functionality . Create the extra needed staves (players), copy the music and then Paste special/Reduce. (but this require manual work afterward, eventual voices assignments, labelling, etc…)

Another approach is to use (on a copy of the file) custom groups (in Layout Options/Players/Condensing), grouped per pitch range of the instruments. Here just an example for the beginning of the Sohn - Triumphant Dorico file that comes with Dorico. (I notice that even grouping the same range instruments together, the instruments families will not be taken apart, thought. And you have to experiment because there may arise issues with some instruments that are notated very differently as they sound, for example glockenspiel etc…, so choose your groups thinking about that, experimenting what works best). But at the end the number of staves is not dramatically reduced as in your example…:

But I am sure someone will have a better idea… :slight_smile: