Clarinet 3 with only 2 clarinets

Hi there, I’m experiencing an issue with clarinet doubling. Clarinet 1 is doubling both the Bb and A while Clarinet 2 is doubling Bb and Bass Clarinet. However, Dorico seems to be confusing the A clarinet as a second part because in when I indicate Clarinet 2 as a cue, it reads in other parts as Clarinet 3. Any help to resolve this is always appreciated. Thank you!

We’d need to see the project itself to say for sure what’s going on. Have you overridden the names of the instruments in Setup mode? Are you using player names rather than instrument names? Are you numbering instruments in a continuous range if they have differing transpositions, or numbering them independently?

Revised Cayuga Large 12523.dorico (3.5 MB)

Here is the file. The problem area is measure 77. I originally edited these parts about a year and a half ago so its hard to remember if I overrode the labels.

If you look at your Galley View label, Dorico thinks that player is Clarinet 3. The issue isn’t specific to m77, it’s just labelling the cue what it thinks the player is called. Change this Engraving Option to “number together” and I think it’s fixed.

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That did the trick. Thank you!

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