Clarinet in Bb condenses, but Clarinet in C doesn't

Hi Folks,

I’m engraving this Mahler 1 chord from Adler, putting it in score order for an orchestration worksheet.

Any idea why Clarinet in C (or in A) doesn’t condense? But if I cut and paste the same notes into Clarinet in Bb, then they condense.

Also, I can’t get my Trumpets to condense. I realize I have a lot of different trumpets for each player, but that’s because the repertoire examples in my workbook have all these different trumpets…

Apologies if this has already been covered in another thread.


Mahler Symphony 1 - iv - final chord - (689 KB)

Your Clarinet and Trumpet players are holding multiple instruments. I’m pretty sure that’s why they do not condense. At present, that is a limitation of the condensing routine.

All my horns hold multiple instruments though, and they condense. And so does flute 2 and bassoon 3.

Condensing currently only work on the first instrument a player holds. Anything beyond the first player is ignored by the condensing feature. The team has stated that they intend to remove this limitation.