Clarinet sounds low.


  • I have a score and just threw in a clarinet in it - but the volume of it is very very low. I have checked in play mode but can’t find any failures there. Please help!

  • My double bass plays in the same octave as my cello. Why?

  • My HaLion is a complete mess, nothing seems to correspond to the controllers. Guess there could like a thousand reasons, but any idea where to start?

Hi reednil.
It’s possible that the sound chosen automatically by Dorico is rather low on volume. You could open HALion and change that sample to the GM clarinet version. Of course, it’s not the same quality but it’s louder ! You could also boost the volume in the mixer, or insert a compressor/limiter…
I don’t have any advice to offer you for the other questions, I’m afraid.

For the double bass, did you select the correct instrument in Setup?

It sounds like you might just want to re-install Halion, to be honest. Probably easier than dealing with little quirks as they arise.

Have you changed the sounds in HALion manually? If so then you need to ensure you have the correct expression map selected. For instance the HSO clarinet uses mod wheel for dynamics, so if you don’t have the expression map then it will be very low. Similarly the double bass has a built-in transposition that needs the correct expression map. I would suggest doing Play -> Apply Playback Template to reset the patches and expression maps back to a good state, which will choose the correct expression maps.

Thank YOU awesomest dudes!

The reset fixed my clarinet and for some reason Halion chose cello as preset for bass violin. I changed it to double bass solo combi and now it works and sounds great!

Haven’t checked the mixer yet, but that’s a smaller issue right now. Great help! :+1:t3: