clarinets + split rest

  1. playback issue: on the A Clarinet, the lowest note “E” doesn’t sound. (concert C#)
  2. Is there any way to add an “A Bass Clarinet?” I’ve played a few orchestra pieces lately (e.g. Mahler) That use an A bass clarinet and I want to use Dorico to Transpose for me (so I don’t have to think so hard while playing :laughing: )
  3. Is there a way to split a whole rest into 2 half rests? I saw one FB post saying: “7” “,” and “a note” - but that just gave me a whole rest pushed to the left of the measure. What I want to do is show 2 half rests with fermatas on each.

You can use ‘force durations’ to input two half rests.
After engaging the ‘force durations’ button, engage the ‘rests’ button, then input as if they were notes.

That did the trick.


Regarding 1. playback issue:

In a related answer regarding an instrument not playing the true range, Daniel has this advice, which is to set the HALion Sonic SE sound patch to GM 072 Clarinet. This should work for you.

[Daniel’s response]:

Unfortunately HSO doesn’t include a true contrabass clarinet patch, and perhaps in practice it’s not much use to substitute the bass clarinet patch, because of course its range doesn’t cover the lower part of the contrabass clarinet range. If you open the HALion Sonic SE window in Play mode and load the ‘[GM 072] Clarinet’ patch instead of the ‘Bass Clarinet Combi’ patch, is that a reasonable substitute?

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