Clash Cymbal in stereo kit gm129

how do I make a clash cymbal sound in [gm 129] stereo kit? i see it is at A2… but when I input an A it input A3 of course… and using cmd-option-down arrow just transfers the notes to the staff below! please tell me if you have any solution!

Have you tried just asking Setup to add a Clash Cymbal to your percussion player and then going to your kit and using the kit editor to draw the clash cymbal into the kit?

It all worked automatically for me with HALion.

now I tried to input the notes from a MIDI keyboard… then I started inputting violin with the midi keyboard and I could hear all the percussion sounds, even after I muted the percussion slot!?!

Put the caret on the appropriate line; choose the appropriate length; and then press the “Y” key.