Clasp vs. Tape machine simulators

Anyone using “CLASP” with Cubase to record tracks :question:
Clasp systems seem to be the Rage all of a sudden.
And I was about to bury my Analog Tape Machine’s.
Plus Analog Tape and Tape machines seem to be very
Expensive these days—if you can find them at all.
I kinda like the Tape saturation plugins.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: and I’m wondering if I should bring my
turntable out of the closet :laughing: :confused:

Thanks for posting. Never heard of this

You Bet Mr. M — Seems rather spendy $$$$ at the moment.
I know alot of artists are still tracking Drums and Bass
to Analog Tape then dumping them into a DAW.
I guess Clasp allows one to record to Analog Tape
and into the DAW Simultaneously with zero Latency
for that Fatness. :slight_smile:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS: I always liked the sound of the Studer j-37
1 INCH 4-track. I guess people are starting
to use it with Clasp. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s… expensive :open_mouth:

And you still need a tape machine :laughing:

Clasp™ looks like a solution in dire need of a problem. Or worse, just plain silly.



Please, keep your mouth shut! You just destroyed the business of the creators of Clasp™ :mrgreen:

In this interview, Alan Parson mentions that Allen Sides refuses to use tape any more because the manufacturing quality of the tape has severely deteriorated since the heyday of analog recording, and he just can’t get a decent quality tape any more.

I have to agree with the majority here—most people that
want Analog front ends usually are stuck in the past.
Clasp is to Spendy $$$$. The Band “Arrowsmith” are or did there latest album
with Clasp and Protools HD. Is it any better than there
Albums from the 80’S or 70’s or Pro Tools only :question: — Will see.
Does an Analog vinyl record turntable sound better
than say 44.1 – 24 bit CD’S :question: My 37 year old nephew says yes.
I Smile at him .

In the mean time I have a sick Tascam Analog 8-track
that I want fixed so I can finish transferring 15 years of analog
Multitracks to Cubase 7 before they deteriorate.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Looks quite cool and all but I can get just as good results with Nebula and certain libs for 100’s not 1000’s. And Pro Tools is shit.

I would’nt say PT is “flower”

It’s still the industry standard (Audio) in most high end studios.

CLASP does’nt look cool…It sounds cool.

PT HD with Clasp used in conjunction with Nuendo/Cubase is simply by far superior than Nebula or any “other” system, or tape emulated software at the moment :unamused:

It’s like comparing a F1 racing car to a Ford focus.

Your comment is just a waste of time - seriously. :bulb:

Maybe your comment is silly :unamused:

“The internet is a source of infinite information; the vast majority of which happens to be wrong”

no opinions are wrong however…

@Robin, and everyone has one… :wink: