Classic Machines inconsistent Mapping

All Classic Machines have 12 Sounds, but these Buttons/Sounds are not assigned to the same Note Values. You can test it easily by recording every sound one by one and then change the classic machine.
So as this is so inconsistent i wonder how to use my MIDI drum pads. Am i missing something here?

Hi pummelfee,
This is something I (a user) have never thought about before, but I was so intrigued by your comment that I had to map all 24 drum machines into their own vertical rows - number of each machine hand written below each row.
I found most of the machines are mapped equally, other machines have different sounds and are mapped to different notes, but there are some machines that have different sounds which are mapped to existing mappings which means you are right, you can’t just swap fro one to another.

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i did it in a similar way, but not for all the machines. Now i know that i am not as dumb as i thought but ist still a mystery.
Would like to change the thread title to “Why do classic machines dont have midi learn?” :wink: