Classic no sound in monitor problem

I’ve got Cubase Pro 10.5 with a Scarlett 18i20 interface and my KRK Rokit 6’s have always been fine. Until today. I’ve always used the exact same settings and it worked yesterday. All the levels are jumping and I can hear it through headphones only.

I’ve done the obvious. Restarted Cubase, turned the interface off and back on, the monitors are plugged in and turned on, the monitor button is not selected on any of the tracks, etc. I also looked at several similar posts, but didn’t find an answer.

If any other screenshots of tabs are needed, let me know. I know this is an atypical lack of busses, but that’s how I always had in the past.


The Control Room is disabled, right?

Is there any settings on the Focusrite Mixer (I believe there is one)?

Can you see the meters running in Cubase?

Could you attach a screenshot of MixConsole with the Routing tab expanded, please?

Have you update the focusrite driver and that the loopback is of and the right Asio driver on i cubase. Have clarett+ my self. Sounds like a routing problem or settings in windows. Somtimes when windows updates it take back original settings. And like Martin say, look so the control room is disable.

I have hade reinstalled the focusrite driver first. And then look so the windows dont use another driver and disable it Or and look at the routing in cubase and focusrite mixer.
also think that is where the problem lies. follow the sound and the routing and check that windows didn’t make a change on its own :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that I’m running on Mac. I’m not sure how to disable the Control Room if it isn’t already. The Focusrite Mixer looks good but I’ve attached what I see below. All the meters run in Cubase, but I only get sound through headphones.

I’m a new user so I have to do this in 3 separate posts

In your Audio Connections Window, check the Control Room tab and make sure Control Room is turned off.

Ok now it’s disabled, but still no sound


I see the VST Connect is involved. At which bus do you use it? Could you try to remove it (just for test), please?

Removed it, but still nothing


Can you see any meters while playback in Cubase? Meters of the tracks, meters of the Stereo Out channel?

Can you see any meters in the Focusrite Control Panel?

How does the DAW tab look like in Focusrite Control Panel?

I can see meters for every track, stereo out, Superior Drummer, literally everything including in MixConsole and the Focusrite Control. Here’s what Focusrite shows:

Does your headphones share the same output with your monitors? i.e. is it output 1-2 for monitors and headphones or is it like 1-2 for monitors and 3-4 for headphones?

Do you have another audio interface or borrow one to try?

Last I would try uninstall all audio drivers and related focusrite software and re-install in case there is a focusrite side bug.

There are users that switched the usb port from usb3 to usb2 before making it work. Try a few things on pc side before troubleshooting cubase.

Headphones play through output 1-2 according to Cubase, but according to Focusrite, it’s on 8-9 for Left and 9-10 for Right.

Unfortunately my other interface is Firewire and wont connect to my current Mac.

Hooked the monitors up to my sound system for movies and they worked perfectly so I know they’re good.

Uninstalled and reinstalled all audio drivers and Focusrite software. Switched USB ports and also switched the monitor outputs just in case 1 and 2 mysteriously went kaput.

Just severely frustrating because they worked fine 2 weeks ago. I mixed some guitar, walked away, came back a couple hours later and no sound. Makes no sense to me

Could you tell us exactly which connectors both your headphones and monitors are using on your Focusrite unit ? For this, screenshots of the two following panels would be helpful :

  • Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs
  • Studio > Audio Connections > Control Room

To troubleshoot this kind of routing issue, I think that the first thing to check is to be sure that ALL the inputs/outputs of the interface used appear as so, in the different Studio > Audio Connections panels. That’s why I am asking for the two screenshots above.

Beside this, I would try to reactivate the Control Room, if you were using it previously : I couldn’t do without it, using Cubase, as it allows me to use all the outputs I have at disposal, without worrying about any routing issue. Just be sure that you have BOTH Headphones and Main sections properly routed :

Yeah, I’ve got to have something routed wrong because my control room doesn’t show up with the options that yours does.

The first thing that I would do is this : in the Outputs panel, DISABLE the Stereo Out bus. After this, it would help to have an extended screenshot of your Control Room panel, like this :

And here is my Outputs panel (as you can see, all my outputs are disabled, aka Not Connected) :

I think that your routing issue comes from the fact that, in the Control Room panel the headphones and the Monitors are not clearly distinctive : I would try to get rid of both your Monitors busses and create again just one, actually routed to your KRK and another Headphone bus, routed to them to clear all this.

I’m fairly new/ignorant to routing because it always worked almost like a plug and play type scenario. So something like this?

Yep, much better. But do the device port used are the right ones ? I don’t really know how the Focusrite unit reports its own configuration in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel :

Focusrite reports like this. I have all my inputs except Input 1 checked as Inactive just because the music’s all recorded, I’m just trying to start my mixing.