Classical Guitar Hand Positions

First of all, I LOVE the guitar fingering in Dorico 3.10. Prior to this I have had to import pdfs created in Sibelius using their fingering, which leaves much to be desired.

Some of the guitar music I am engraving requires a roman numeral above the staff indicating hand position, often with a line indicating how long that position is required. For example:

In Sibelius, I use text and then the “line” function to get the extension of the hand position. This requires a lot of moving things around because, um, Sibelius. Unless I’ve been missing something, there is no way to create such a line in Dorico. It would be very useful to add this to guitar notation.

In the meantime, I’m experimenting with using the gradual tempo changes for which I change the text and line style. (Q: can the tempo change be eliminated as well?) This works as a temporary solution for single guitar parts, but one of the pieces is a short duet for which the composer would prefer both parts on the same page. In this case, the extended position indicator should only be on guitar 2, which is not the correct position for tempo changes.


Ed Roberts

Windows 10 Pro
Dorico 3.10 Pro

Why not set these up as custom Playing Techniques?

Yes, Ed, I’d definitely suggest using playing techniques for these items, at least until such time as we have some other more dedicated way of handling them. If you need help with the new continuation features for playing techniques, you’ll find more information here.

Thanks pianoleo & Daniel! I’ll take a look and give it a try!