Classical Guitar

I’m working on a project scoring pieces for classical guitar. The music is played in more than 10 different tunings (sometimes down to C2) and up to 4 voices in one stave.
Is it possible to tune each string independently?
When I work with standard notation and tablature simultaneously, can Dorico link this two views of one player, so that I can edit a note in tabulature and see it immediately in standart notation and vice versa?

The first version of Dorico will not support guitar tablature (or indeed any kind of tablature), but of course this is planned for a future version, and we will certainly allow each string to be tuned independently. The plan is also that the notation and tab staves would be different views onto the same data, so they would certainly be linked.

The use of multiple voices on a notation staff, at least, will be no problem for Dorico to handle. There’s no limit on the number of voices you can write for on the same staff, and Dorico will also lay opposing voices out such that they don’t collide with each other, and are paired up dynamically to produce the most compact arrangement. (And, of course, the arrangement can be customised as needed.)