Classical piece with some hard drums in the end

so I’m from Iran and this piece has some of my countries instruments added in the second part of the piece which is totally different than the first part
thanks for your time in advance guys!
as always looking forward to feedbacks

Hi Masoomi, I think the first and second part fit together fine. Were the instruments in the second part live, or samples? It sounded good to me! Well done.

Always looking forward to your ideas early21. Unfortunately it’s all samples, there’s Santor, Persian Ney, and Iranian percussion loops are added to a drums loop.

a revision on mix and also cut in half!
Iran (Prelude)
Iran Forever!

Hi Masoomi, I listened to them both. Seems the cut was drastic and arbitrary, since they share the same chord structure. Still, the idea of a prelude and main piece makes some sense, so maybe there needs to be a smoother transition. In any case, I’m very pleased to hear what you are creating. It’s good stuff.

Thanks… I may add them together again before I publish them later … thanks again for the advice ealy21 :smiley: