Classical with some Synth :D


Cubase 8.5 really giving plenty of tools to go from one simple harmony and play around with it (orchestral, choir, synth, e-guitars, some battery4) …

I also tried mastering a bit to increase loudness.

I’m always keen on good hints on what to improve! :wink:
So, if you enjoy, let me know, if not, also :smiley:

I like the harmonies and a large part of the arrangement.
The sound of most of the instruments is not very convincing, lacking the depth.
The whole range between the rather flat sounding instruments and the strange sounding celli (starting at 1:45) is empty.
There’s a lot of information available on how to improve your sound. I believe that the sound quality of my tracks began to improve after having purchased better speakers (and headphones).
Play your tracks over many different sound systems. But no matter how hard u try, u won’t reach the sound quality of a professional studio. My advice: concentrate on your compositions and leave the rest to the professional sound engineers.

Thanks for the informative feedback.
You are right about the “empty” range and the missing depth of the instruments. So far, if I play the piece in Cubase itself it sounds alot better. I think alot of quality was lost when I tried to master and increase loudness. I had to “limit” the peaks and so on.
I wonder what a professional studio is doing to make it sound better, but also with enough loudness?

Anyways, thanks alot for your tips!

You did something wrong with increasing the loudness, the track is clipping regularly.
It’s an interesting song though, I quite like it.
The piano I really had to get used to, I really like piano, mostly because it has very nice resonance, but you’re only playing single staccato notes so I’m missing that.
The change to the outtro was a bit sudden, it also sounded more electronic and less acoustic, more like a new song idea than a nice closure to this particular track.
As mentioned there is some room for improvement in the mix too. But I don’t want to sound too negative, because you have some cool ideas and creative, ‘not the norm’ progressions. That’s good, you should keep that, it makes your tracks very interesting to listen to :slight_smile:

Yes, I have a hard time keeping on the main theme only :smiley: So your comment about “sounding more like a new idea” might be true :confused:
Thanx for your feedback!