Clean all user data

Please explain the feature “Clean all user data”.

When I clic on the button, it says :

(By the way, all windows should not be always on top)

Please see below severals changed parameters before “Clean all user data” :

After VST Live has been closed and restarted :

  • Preload and “Use High resolution” have been reset
  • “Set Song end” have not been reset
  • Default song, layer, stack have not been deletedd
  • All the parameters in menu Edit > Preferences… have not been reset to default
  • Midi connections seem to have not been reset (Audio, DMX, Video yes)

I did not test all the settings (setlist…)

Clears all local settings, not project related settings. Does not clear local presets or templates.

Belongs to the project, in fact, each Song has its own Song End Action setting.

Do you really want to delete those, then go to your local default folder (documents/VSTLive) and remove everything.

That’s not true, those are reset. Let us know which are not. If some don’t change it’s because they are set to default in the first place.

They are. What you see are the default settings (same as when you freshly installed VST Live).

But I click on “Clean all user data”, then VST live restarts, then I create a new project, so because it’s a new project, Song End Action should be reset, no ?

I don’t want to delete those, but the message says “All Defaults will be deleted”. So after VST live restarting and create a new project, if I understand the message, the new project should have the original default layer etc, no ?

What I did is to toggle all the settings, and then VST Live restarts and I create a new project, all the settings are as before “Cleaning all user data” :

They are all new settings, in a new project after Cleaning all user data.

(I just wanted to test the feature, I don’t want anything particuliar).

What do you mean by “reset”? The default is “Continue”.

You are beeing picky :slight_smile:
Sure you might expect that, “All default” may be misleading. Let me repeat that no presets etc are removed, just local settings (Preferences). So no, I don’t want that to remove my carefully crafted default layer, just default settings such as “Don’t show again” etc.

Local settings are not project related. It doesn’t matter what project you load.
But we did find a case where Clean All User Data doesn’t work correctly, should be fixed with the next version, thanks.

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So why it is “stop” ?

Sorry, I already worked as verification and validation tester lol…

Yes, there is something fishy and we’ll fix asap.

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This was a tough one, the app tries everything to keep your preferences…
Thus, the fix will not make it into the upcoming version but the next one thereafter. Thanks for reporting.

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