Clean C10 installation with 9.5 already installed.

Couldnt find info on this when I searched.

I’m about to grab the C10 update, but I’d like to install it ‘clean’ without it taking any perferences\settings etc. from 9.5 along the way. I’d prefer to know that it’s fresh so any ‘problems’ I run into won’t be atributable to preferences from a previous version. Obviously going to keep 9.5 for mission critical stuff while I’m exploring C10.

Is this possible? Thanks for any repsonses and help!

AFAIK you can just instal - open - close C10 - then open the pref-folder, deleting everything there - than opening C10 again and voila here you have a clean C10! Cubase rebuilds the “def” prefs when the stuff in the pref-folder is deleted.

OK thanks for the info, hopefully it’s as simple as that! Would be nice if Steinberg included a ‘clean’ installation option. Seems like there’s often problems with old perferences from what I’ve read on this forum.

I installed C10 recently and for the first time NO prefs were transfered… after trying to export/import them via “profile” (which was not working) I uninstalled C10 and reinstalled. Tried again. For some reasons every time I installed C10 from the same file, the same way, a “different setup” was generated - sometimes it transfered NO prefs, sometimes “some” prefs - and finally everything was there and C10 is running fine so far - I can open full blown C9.5 projects and just work on (toi toi toi).

Indeed it seems that here can happen things - there are so many users with serious issues / stability problems - and some with absolutely no issues…

Maybe this is caused by “not correct” (inclomplete etc) transfered prefs…