Clean install of Cubase 10.5 from Cubase 8, on new computer?


I have bought a new computer on which I intend to install a clean version of the latest Cubase 10.5. I allready have installed and registered my version of Cubase 8.0 on my old computer, but I want to upgrade Cubase to the latest 10.5 version, by installing it clean on my brand new computer. I have just bought the Upgrade-version of Cubase 10.5 from Cubase 8 for about 200:- EUR and are now about to download the installmedia from Steinberg. I have also installed the latest version of E-Licenser on my new computer and inserted my USB-dongle in a USB-slot, and it works fine, since I can se my registered version of Cubase 8 in the E-licensce Manager.

My question is:

How should I install the new Cubase 10.5, can I install it clean, or do I have to install Cubase 8 again, update it to Cubase 9, update that to Cubase 10 and finally update that to Cubase 10.5 which I just bought?

Which version should I download from Steinberg of Cubase 10.5? Only the the full version of about 21 Gb seems to work, since the other available versions is updates from Cubase 10.

Help will be very good, thanx :wink:

You can install 10.5 directly. This must be one of the most asked question on this whole froum - feel free to use the search function…

Well then - question answered.

Big thanx for taking time to answer me anyway then svennilenn, even though I did use serach before my question, but felt it did not reveal any straight answer.

I feel like a little child on christmas now, since I am going to install my new Cubase 10.5 on my brand new “Cray-computer” supercomputer, it is a i9 Core 9900K with 64 Gb RAM and lightning fast M2-disks with 3,500 Mb/sec transferrate, so you can imagine that my expectations are realy high since my old computer was a i5 with 16 Mb RAM and standards SSD disks with 500 Mb/sec and suffered from serious latency-issues after adding only 4 normal VSTi´s…no Cray-computer at all compare to my new one…in my own little world :laughing:

I will rip my hair off if this new computer does not handle the latency MUCH better, that is what I have paid for :wink:

Well, like many people you seem not to take the audio interface into account (only a guess, since you are not mentioning it), when indeed this plays a big role in the latency equation…

Oh yes I do for sure! Thats why I dismissed my old Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 First Gen wiht latency 15 ms @ 256 buffers, and bought Steinbergs UR 22C and got 9 ms @ 256 buffers on mode standard (available are: low latency, standard & stable), and it works like a charm and Im happy :smiley:


It took me 2 weeks to config my new computer to be a perfect DAW! It´s now showning only 490u in the DPC Latency Checker Tool, that showed 1100u from the start for two weeks ago. What did I do to accomplish that you might ask?

Well, sorry to say, I did so muck tweaks, that I can not point at one particular setting that solved this problem and got down to only <500u.

But I can say that I stopped a huge amount of services in Win10, disabled a lot of non importent functions in Win10 like communication & reporting stuff between applications, and switched to maximum Power Scheme in Win10, for example.

I also noticed a huge difference in how I configurated Cubase 10 regarding “VST Audio System”. This settings worked best for my DAW:

Activate Multi Processing = On
Activate ASIO Guard = On
ASIO-Guard Level = Low
Audio Priority = Boost
Activate Steinberg Audio Power Sceme = On

At 256 buffers it gives 9 ms Input Latency and 11 ms Output Latency and 17 ms ASIO-Guard Latency @ 44,100 kHz using USB 3.0 Gen 1 port for the Audio Card in Steinberg UR22C.