Clean install - upgrading windows

Just recently bought cubase 8.5 pro. It’s great etc but as always comes the next upgrade.

Bought a 32gb set of ram which means I’ll have to upgrade to win 7 professional as home premium is capped at 16gb

Is a clean install as simple as install off disks and plug in dongle ? What if any problems am I likely to face

i would format the drive and reinstall windows and softwares and everything should be fine without problems besides putting your systems settings again

the dongle has the liscense stored on it and you can use it on any pc that has Cubase installed on it basically

I clean installed a few times and didn’t run into specific problems other than that it takes days to get everything running the way you are used to. And then after some sessions you still find like VST’s or other things you didn’t think of installing. I always make an image of the current installation. Not only to be in business quickly when I run into unexpected issues with the new installation, but also to be able to restore settings/files you might need afterwards.