Clean Install....


Ive upgraded to Cubase 8 but i want to do a clean install on a Windows 8.1 Machine

Do i need to install Cubase 6 and sequentially upgrade to 8? (I have upgraded 6 to 7 to 7.5 to 8)


Can i just install 8 directly?



I’ve done this many times through several versions of Cubase, and doing a clean install of the latest version always works. It’s not necessary to install an earlier version and build upon it with successive updates.

Note that this is true as long as the installer you use for a given version is the FULL installer, not an UPDATE installer. As Cubase 8 is the first release in the 8-Series, the installer is naturally a FULL one.

When future updates are released (e.g., 8.0.10, etc.), you would typically download an UPDATE installer and apply it over the 8.0.0 installation. In that case you’ll need to install 8.0.0 first and then run the updater.


You’ll find the full installer in your MySteinberg account.

cheers!!!. but doing a clean install still didn’t fix my issue :confused:

What issue? Please explain.

see my new thread… none of the new plug ins well Bass Amp says it can’t find impulse files. i can’t figure out how and where to move them that they are seen,