Clean Install

IS there a link somewhere to show how to do a full reinstall of Cubase pro, I have the latest update of 12 pro and seems to running very bad and crashes often as well my padshop is no longer functioning
Help Please

You can use the Steinberg download assistant to reinstall. You could also download installers from here:

Thanks, are there any special instructions like delete certain files etc.

Is it best to uninstall first?

If you want to install earlier version than you currently have then you probably need to uninstall first.

It is probably a good idea to delete or move the preferences folder otherwise the new install will just use your old preferences.

I tried reinstalling over the top, to fix issues with Reverence, but it didn’t work. Will try clean install.

The only thing is to remove prefs. And maybe consider temp renaming earlier version prefs too so they don’t get imported.

In fact, just removing prefs and restarting will reset everything. There’s no changes of any real significance when reinstalling as such.

Also check Library Manager. Check that all the libs are in the correct and expected places.

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Thanks, I have larger issues my pad shop will not run it keeps crashing also seeing lots of other issues tried the reset preference thing didn’t help at all I think I need a clean Install

Did a clean install. works ok for about 10 min then poof right back to peaking and pad shop still useless.