Clean MIDI punches in N5.1?? HOW??

OK, I am leaning a LOT more on Midi these days and have always been terribly frusterated with the way Nuendo does Midi Punches. I always assumed it was just a setting I have not checked. Well, I am about to double down on several projects that are MIDI intensive…and I need advice.

HOW on earth do we get clean punches with Midi in Nuendo?

Clean punch is defined as when I hit record it drops into record at that very spot (like it does with an audio track). Right now when I punch it seems to go a bar or two before where I hit record.

IT ALSO OVERLAPS! How do I get it to NOT overlap?

So, Nuendo/Cubase Midi Jedi Knights, please share your knowledge.


Un-check Snap To Bars in Prefs and select the correct MIDI Record Mode via Transport.


Now is the Snap to Bars a Midi only setting or is this a global setting?
What is the correct Midi record mode I am looking for on the transport?

MIDI only, New/Stacked and Lanes enabled on the track.

You are a scholar and a gentleman! Thanks a zillion!

OK, these suggestions get me 95% to where I need to be.

When I punch a Midi track it overlays the new on the old and plays both. Is there a way to set Nuendo to act JUST like AUDIO punches, where the newest punch is on top? I see the merge option on the toolbar but when I engage that it DOES what I want but also ‘glues’ the track together (think audio editing). I want to be able to still have the ability to move both sides of the punch (like audio). Is this even possible? I tried and toggled all the available options in the Transport and it did not seem to work like I want. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?