clean out an insert row of plugins

what would be the easiest way to clear 8 vst plugins from a channel ? my preferred way would be right click and empty fx on channel, but I can’t find anything.

So far my workaround is ok, I have saved an empty FX chain which I load, but this scanning for presets is getting kinda slow now - its more responsive to just right click then click.

any tips on this?

The implementation of track presets is very strange - you cannot remove those - just replace with another.
I talked to support when running Elements three years ago - and no go.

So it might be the same for fx chains.

So it stops me from using any - anywhere.

When you wrote row of plugins - I was first thinking a row of same slot in mixer - over many tracks.

Anyway - inserting same stuff Alt Shift down while dragging works to create a copy to a new location. The QLink becomes active.
Maybe the quicklink Alt Shift works for delete as well.

I never do this in inspector or somehwere, just mixer, so there it might work.

just click “insert” at the top and press delete (on mac)

Have a bogus channel, empty of inserts, in your mixer. Then just copy that channel to the one you want to delete the inserts from.

Does click-hold-drag one channel name onto another channel act as a copy-paste kind of thing?