Clean up MIDI CC Automation

If you want to use MIDI CC automation it’s frankly a nightmare to get your head around. It’s too easy to get confused. For example the automation CC data does not show up in the Key editor at all, unless you happen to realise that the write button must be enabled first (find that in the manual?) . Then it is completely independent of the MIDI data that one might have written in the Key Editor.
Sorting this out involves learning arcane and esoteric techniques, converting automation, and using (very judiciously) merge MIDI in loop.

The whole process will throw even the brightest off their horse. WHY?

Why not simply enable the same kind of mini controller lane as you can see in “Edit in Place” function AKA a mini controller lane as found in the Key Editor whenever you go to automation, drill down past More/All CC and select your CC. Banish the automation lines altogether for this purpose!

Life would be so much easier - no need for converting, the elimination of many menu items, no need for merging and no confusion for new (or even experiences) users