Clean Up Project Folder

Here are many posts about the same. One of them here.
I really want to clean up audio folders for many projects, but sadly many of them has more than one project file and if one audio file is detached from pool, it can be attached to another project file in the same project folder. Thus we have SaveAs feature, not only Backup that allow copy to new folder everything that attached to the currently opened project (this is good and used often).

So we need a new feature in Pool window - Cleanup project. What it should do?

  1. open all .CPR and all other files that have links to any file in project, scan them and internally make a temporary list of all used files (maybe it can be allowed to export as text report if needed).
  2. then go through this list and remove all files that are not used by any project and other files known by Cubase.
  3. Maybe this can be much deeper? Scan specified area for project files and look into them for orphaned files (if they are orphaned). Shorter - look into current project’s folders and search in other projects in specified area.
  4. There are not only audio files in Audio folder. There also are offline edits that takes huge place on disk.

I understand that Steinberg company don’t need additional programmer, so don’t be angry if some will say - all described here is very simple to implement :wink:

P.S. I did program similar things some years back.

I remember there was a Cleanup function that worked more or less as you described.
But was removed it seems: