Cleaning up a section of a recording.

Hi, I’ve just recently purchased and installed WaveLab 8, I used to use (a long time ago) a lite version, installed with Steinberg Clean, but the new full version is totally different - much more complex.

I’m just wondering if I’m missing something. I have a 7 minute monologue I’ve digitized from an old cassette recording. It’s cleaning up pretty well with the Sonnox hum and hiss plugins, but I have this one 4 or 5 second section which seems to have some kind of interference generated on it - like a white noise. I figure I need to select and cut this section and process it separately.

Is this approach pretty much typical or am I missing some way of applying processing (using an extra instance of a plugin) to just a selected section?

Take a look at spectral editing; by the sound of what you describe it might work well.

Thanks for the feedback.
Spectral editing has always been a bit of a mind-boggle to me, and I’ve tended to shy away from it like the Black Arts. :laughing:
From the description of it in the manual however, it does seem like just the thing I need. So I’m resolved to finally get to grips with it.
Thanks again for the suggestion.