Cleaning up after crashes

Hello all,

I’m running Cubase 6.03 32bit whichcrashes about once every eight hours. It usually doesn’t tell me the cause of the crash, but it creates new .cpr/CSH and BAK files and off I go again mixing.

I have a question:

Can I delete all the old ,cpr/CSH/BAK files?

Secondly, what’s the best way to determine the exact cause of the crash? I’d like to understand and fix the reason(s) for the crashes, if that’s possible. Except for one instance where I knew the source of the crash, all the other crashes have no fixed pattern as far as I can tell. It’s not too much of a bother, I just quit and reload, but I’d rather stop all the crashes if possible. I’m not having any VST Performance issues.

Thanks for any advice and/or help :smiley:


You could always upgrade to the latest version, ie 6.0.4.

I’m running it on vista without major issue, eg sometimes the system freezes and requires a single reboot, but other than than that no problems and I suspect it is due to my running of DSP based plugin systems.

I tend not to delete anything. If I don’t want it in the top folder then I create one called ‘Backups’ or ‘Development’ and I move them into there to tidy up.

CSH files can be deleted but they’ll be recreated (wish they automatically went into a subdir!!)

BAK files are just CPR files which are saved periodically and automatically (with they went into a subdir too!!). Delete these if you really trust that you’ll never want to go back to an old file (like I said, I keep them all just in case, disk space is so cheap these days)

old .CPR files - again, keep them if you think you might need them…

Many times I’ve gone back to an older or backup project to retrieve something due to a crash, accidentally deleting things, or just simply changing my mind.


Thanks for your responses!

I am downloading 6.04 and will keep the old files.

I appreciate your thoughts and experiences.