Cleaning up Attributes and Tags in vstpreset files

I have been posting about my issues with mediabay and retrologue patch saving before:

Right now, I have a cinematic preset pack which I would like to upload and share with fellow composers but something is holding me back.

I cannot for the life of me change the attributes in some of these preset files.

The ones I created from scratch have permanently “Retrologue Factory 1 Content” attached for some reason.

Some other patches which I took from an existing other patch pack I created last year and wanted to include in my new pack have the name of my old patch pack associated to them and I cannot change or save it anywhere:

Mediabay doesn’t change anything, I cannot click in the value fields to enter my own stuff and if I choose “Remove Attribute” nothing changes at all.

I am at a loss here. Can I send my patches to the Steinberg staff to correct all these Attributes for me?

Is there an offline-tool that can have me open these patches and correct them?

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I checked the file permissions on my mac and it seemed not even the finder was able to change the permissions of these patch files. Even the newly created ones, which makes me think this could be a problem related to MacOS going from Monterey upwards to Ventura(?)

In any case, I managed to change the permissions to “777” (all access) via the Terminal. Here is how this works:

The patches can now be edited in the Mediabay! Still trying to figure out if I can make the patch saving via Retrologue work again.

Update #2:

After doing a chmod to the whole Steinberg preset folder structure, I was not able to make patch saving work properly again.

The Patch is saved (yay) but every time you save a patch via Retrologue, it creates the .vstpreset file - but it doesn’t contain any attributes. You will have to:

  1. Look up the file via the Finder/Terminal
  2. Do a CHMOD on it (Give Write permissions to all Users)
  3. Rescan the selected folder in the Media Bay
  4. Voila, you can edit (some) of the attributes.

I still don’t know how to set Attributes like “Mellow” “Plastic” “Digital” ect.

If anyone here has some experience with using Attributes and Mediabay and would like to chime in, I’d appreciate it thanks!



Restarting Cubase and the problems are back - now it’s back to “Retrologue 1 Factory Content” :face_with_spiral_eyes:


This is what happens if I select all patches inside the mediabay and copy/paste them into a new folder, which I also created inside the mediabay:

The files do not show up in the Mediabay and have no extension.

I just talked with a Member of the Cubase Users group on Facebook and we both found that there must be an issue with this. A support request was filed a couple months ago but I haven’t seen an update yet. I surely hope a fix will soon be released.

I can confirm this is an issue. You cannot save attributes with presets.

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Thanks! Proper issue report has now been posted here: