Cleaning up live concert recordings

I have a few live recordings taken from the audience in concerts. This means that there are some distracting noises (people talking while music is playing, background noises like glasses clinking, and (most prominently, of course) applause. The latter is of course desired in a live recording, but especially during a piece, it can overwhelm the music. Would this be something that SpectraLayers can help with - reducing applause so I don’t have the dial the entire mix down in order to avoid clipping (after having recorded with enough headroom that I can boost the music parts to normal levels, but need to reduce this when applause is happening)? Or are there other tools for this?



Absolutely! Spectralayers can do pretty much anything you can conceive. I just cleaned up a youtuber’s video that had a lot of distracting background drowning noise in the video. If you want, I can send you examples of what spectralayers is able to do, just ask and I’ll DM you.

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Oh, yes, thanks! That sounds exciting!

I have previously used the spectral editor in Wavelab with some success for slamming doors, creaks and other noises, but it was so much work to get to a usable result that I had more or less given up on the idea…

I’m looking for ways to improve my usage of Spectralayers so would be cool to see examples!


Check your private messages. Also you can check out my other examples on tiktok Unmixing using Spectralayers Pro 9. This video is for demonstrations p... | TikTok

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@Unmixing PM received! thank you so much for taking the time to demonstrate your techniques. Extremely insightful!

@Pietzcker You can certainly use SpectraLayers for that usage. Start to unmix with automated processes such as Unmix > Song, identify the layers containing the most the applause, if needed you can further decompose those layers with Unmix > Components (applause are generally pure noise, whistling pure tonals), and if further decomposition is needed you can specifically target frequencies using all the selection tools at your disposal on the left side of the UI, and cut/paste those sounds to a separate layer.

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