Cleaning up vst dlls - can i drag & drop?

I just upgraded from C5.5. to C6.5. and I would like to organize the dlls which have been scattered in different folders. I’m running cubase in 64bit and have a jbridge folder with a mix of types for one, as well as other locations. If it’s true dragging & dropping will work I was going to create: a 64bit folder & a 32-bit jbridge folder. I was thinking of putting all my 32-bit dlls in one folder then rerunning jbridge ,putting them in the new 32-bit jbridge folder then deleting the “old” dll folders.

Will this work? will this foul up my projects which I’m still running C5.5?

Thanks in advance


I moved my Trillian ell as an experiment and it apears to work in C6.5 ok. Funny no one has never tried dragging and dropping ells for ease of organization?

won’t work with every plugin dll and/or update installers.

also doesn’t work with VST3 plugs

If you want to order/categorize your plugins, which are available to cubase: