Cleanup... doesn't clean up Freeze files?

The manual clearly states that the cleanup… function only cleans up unreferenced files in the audio, image, and edits, folders. Just wondering why not the unreferenced Freeze files as well. If you use incremental saves and the freeze function, these can use a lot of space. Is there a reason why cleanup… could not clean these files up as well? Just an idea…

Could one explain why the user… could not unfreeze his own files? :open_mouth:

The files are not frozen. The tracks are frozen and saved as audio files. Cleanup… finds unreferenced files, which of course, the user could do by themself. That, however, is not what I am talking about.


The two statements do not make sense then.
And one sentence says “Cleanup… finds unreferenced files…” and the other says "Just wondering why not the unreferenced (Freeze) files. Which makes even less sense.

What are you talking about?

Isn’t he just asking why the cleanup command doesn’t see freeze files?

Freeze files are frozen. Cubase can’t see if the user wants them saved in that state or wants to finalise work and unfreeze or remove. Could be a few ways to cut that cake.

To the OP, there would never be freeze files that are unreferenced. So Cleanup would never need to see them. They are supposed to be deleted when you unfreeze the track.

If you tell Cubase not to delete the freeze files, in that case they do stay in the freeze folder, and since Cubase never looks for them that does seem illogical.

Oddly, I was just having a look at this, and I saw an anomaly. I froze an instrument track, then unfroze it, but the freeze file remained in the freeze folder. Don’t know why or how. When I went to freeze it again, Cubase froze up. (of course, and no pun intended!).

Hi Steve,
I will give a use case example. You are working on a project. You are using incremental saves. Along the way, you can accrue some freeze files that are referenced by earlier versions of the project. When you complete the project, you delete some of the older versions and run cleanup… Cubase finds all the old edits, audio, etc. but ignores the old, now unreferenced, freeze files.

If I want to try something different with a track, I will do an incremental save, unfreeze the track, KEEP the freeze files so that the older versions of the project still have it, edit the track, re-freeze it, and continue on. When you are sure you don’t want to go back to the older versions of the project, you can delete them and let cleanup… remove the old files (except the freeze files).

Yes, I figured that must be what you were doing, since you mentioned that you were doing incremental saves,

As I said it does seem illogical that cubase doesn’t look for them.

It might do but it might not know what to do with them until the user tells it. Maybe it’s a bug or maybe it needs a feature request for an option set.

This is still a problem, Cubase’s Cleanup function doesn’t clean unreferenced freeze files. This should be fixed :frowning: