Cleanup not work in cubase6

Cleanup not works in cubase6
Cubase6 can’t find any unrefernced files and cubase6.0.5 still have the problem :cry:

Would it be possible to explain the problem more specific?


Cleanup in cubase6 can’t find any unused files in project.It always shows blank result(even there are many unused files in Audio folder).So the unused files still be there in the Audio folder because cleanup can’t see it.

yes i ve same problem too, acctually i ve updated my cubase on mac ver 6.5.3
i cant clean up the unused audio file…

just empty…when i checked the audio folder in my cubase project file…there are still so many unused audio file in the folder

so i have to transfer my project to my Pc, i use my old cubase Ver 5…and clean up, actually works…

i hope steiberg fix this problem soon…GBU

I think you’ve misunderstood what Cleanup does. Cleanup will go through your projects and list all unreferenced audio tracks. If a project still references audio in the pool, even if it is in the Trash, then it won’t show up when you run Cleanup.

What I suspect you need to do is to go to the Media menu and select Open Pool Window. This will show the pool window (surprisingly enough :slight_smile: ) - right click on the Audio folder and select Remove Unused Media. You can select either move it to Trash or Remove From Pool.

If you move it to Trash then the project will still reference it, and you will need to right click again and select Empty Trash. If at that point you select Erase this will remove the audio from your project and your hard drive.

If at the first step you select Remove From Pool, the project will no longer reference the files and Cleanup should then find them and make them available for deleting. (You will need to save the file first!)

Important to remember is that just because an audio file doesn’t appear in the arrange window it doesn’t mean it isn’t still referenced in the audio pool for that project.

hairy_ears - I know what you’re talking about.It looks like you have never use cleanup before.
ReggieChas - Yes, cleanup in cubase5 works as it should be.

even if you select delete all unused files in the pool window, cubase not always finds really all unused. I have this problem too since SX3. so after working on a song for days, there are easily 15 GB in the song folder. but I have only 20 tracks or so.
so I choose “create backup of the project” and check the “delete unused files” in the dialog.
now the new backup project ONLY has the files used in the project for 100% sure.

hope this helps (sorry for the bad english) :smiley:


This is the same in Nuendo 5 & 5.5 as well as Cubase 6 & 6.5.
The cleanup function simply does not work - period.
I’ve kept N4 installed just to cover this function - it’s an awful bug, and one that has been present in thiswhole release cycle.

Hello, :slight_smile:

Confirmed and reported (287)
When you use the Backup Function in Cubase the checkbox “Remove unused Files” will not save unreferenced files in the new folder.

Also in the pool there is the command “remove unused media”. With this command you can move the unreferenced files to the trash and then delete them from there.