"Cleanup" option not available in Cubase 5LE?

Hi folks,

Sorry again for probably a noob question, but simply selecting my audio wav file and clicking “delete unused audio” does not remove the unused portion of my wav file.

The manual for 5 mentions a “clieanup” option under the file menu, but i don’t see it in my 5LE version.

So, i have imported a 5 minute wav file, i only want to keep about 5 seconds of it on my hard drive and completely trash the rest. I have the part i want selected in the audio editor, tried to cut & delete the parts i don’t want, but it then instead deletes the entire track from the project window.

Is this a LE limitation? Or am i really missing something easy here?


Try “Bounce selection” then delete unused.


Seems that deleting unwanted parts used to be much more intuitive on older versions of cubase. For the life of me i couldn’t figure this out.