Clear Mute Clear Solo not working in Euphonix

Thanks for fixing the Reset Meters by the way!

My Clear Mute / Clear Solo buttons don’t work on my Euphonix now. They are available in the Artist Control Setup panel as system commands but they don’t seem to do anything anymore. Is this a bug or maybe there’s a new way to set this feature up?

Have you tried “Deactivate All Solo States” and “Deactivate All Mute States” Eucon command?

Program a button with:
Command = EuCon
Detail = Key commands- Edit - Deactivate All Solo States

Works fine here.

Thanks, worked great.
I’ve been using the commands Clear Mute and Clear Solo for years now, so something must have happened to them because they don’t work now, just FYI to steinberg. But this seems to do the same thing