Clear Preset Ratings?


Is there any way to clear the ratings in a preset browser en masse? For instance, right now I’d like to set all the ratings in Padshop from the default 3-star to no stars at all. Doing them one at a time seems a bit tedious! :angry:


Select them all and change all together.

And how would you select them all? That’s the first thing I tried, and click-dragging, shift, or control do not work for extending selections. For me it appears to only allow one selection at a time.

Right click -> Select All

Does that actually work for you? When I right click, it just selects the preset (just like a left click), without any context menu appearing to select all.

I selected the first item, scrolled to the bottom and shift+click to select them all. I hate that Steinberg pre-rates them for us. And they keep coming back as new VSTi’s and presets are introduced.

true, me too !

Thanks for all the replies!

I’m beginning to wonder, though, why this is not working for me (the selecting all part). I am doing this right from within Padshop. I click in Padshop’s preset box up top, the preset browser comes up, but I can only select one preset at a time. All the usual methods for multiple selections, including all the above, do not select additional presets.

Am I going about this the “wrong” way? Is there another way that you guys are accessing the presets to change the ratings? Or could there be some setting that is preventing me from selecting multiple presets? By the way all the methods above work fine for other things like selecting files or selecting other things like clips, notes, or within other applications.

I did it in Media Bay for all the VSTi’s at the same time. For all the Steinberg VSTi’s their Preset Browsers are really just limited versions of the Media Bay. Multiple selections could be some of what got ‘limited’. Try it in Media Bay.

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Thank you so much, Raino! That was the missing bit of info I needed! Works like a charm. I definitely underutilize the media bay. I have to see what other useful things it can do.

Do you mean I can expect my personal ratings to get wiped out in such cases? Or do you mean that only the new presets added will come in as the default 3 stars? Either way, how do you deal with that?

And thanks again to everyone who read and responded.


No it should respect the settings you’ve already made. As far as I can tell it is only the new items. But the problem is you end up with these new faux-3-star presets intermingled with your real 3-stars. Personally I don’t use 3-stars at all just to avoid confusion. Anything I’ve rated will be 1, 2, 4 or 5.

I tried creating a user field in Media Bay for my own ratings but had to use a numeric format (i.e. “2” or “4”) and it always felt clunky to use.

Thanks Raino!

Thank you from the Future