Clear "ProgramChange" setting in Inspector

Can someone tell me how to clear “programChange1” from the Inspector as below:


I know it doesn’t really matter but I’m a completist and I set this by accident, so want to know how to remove it.



Sorry I’m not with Cubase right now. I would try to click to it and select something like No Program Change… There must be something, if you click on it.

Clicking on the list only reveals more ProgramChange numbers. There is no toggle off.

I think at most you changed it by accident. As far as I can tell the items on the list are determined by each VSTi.

I don’t think so. I just tried with a few different plugins and all instruments from Arturia for example loads with “ProgramChange1” already entered.

I think you’re going to have to let this one go.

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The program change is heavily used by those into the Arturia’s playlist feature. Each program corresponds to a preset in our playlist/song chain. Sending MSBs/LSBs we choose Playlist/Song.
This feature is not perhaps intended for DAW usage (it’s mostly used in live sessions), but the VST has to expose it somehow as @raino mentioned. Leave it as is as @mlindeb suggested.

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No, I really did. The field was blank and I was flailing to find an answer to another more serious problem and experimented with this field. Not that it matters now (based on what people are telling me) but I know what I saw and that field was empty.

It can be empty if no patch is loaded in the connected VSTi. This field just shows the name of the patch, if it is a .vstpreset.
Empty in the VSTi means also empty in the Inspector.

If you really need to have the field empty, save the instruments current settings as a preset with the name " ", that is Ctrl + Space.

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Ah thank you. I know it probably seems ludicrously nitpicky of me but really, all I’m trying to do is soak up as much knowledge about Cubase as I can - from any direction possible. Today’s useless information may be tomorrow’s solution, or something.

One more question then. How do I show the VSTi? I’ve tried F11 but not sure if that’s right.