Clear "Recent Projects" list on OSX Lion


I want to clear the Cubase 6.5 “Recent Projects” list on OSX Lion. How do I do this?
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Did not take the time to read it all but this thread got previously started about clearing recent projects
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Its al windows based solutions…

I think temporarily renaming the project directory to remove the project from the list, should work on a Mac?

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This question has been around for
awhile now.

Hoping there is/will be a Mac solution.


go to your Cubase preferences folder and edit the file defaults.xml (make a copy first of course).
use a search to find the “GRecentDocumentPaths” area. delete everything from before the first that you see just before your first project name in the list up to and including the last that you see at the end of your last project name and path. you should still have the lines…

<member name=…
<list name=…

remaining after you delete everything in between list name and /list.
don’t forget to save the file. if you run into problems like a lost default or something like that just replace the original defaults.xml file and try again.

Of course, you can also delete individual items in the list.

were can I find that folder on OSX Lion?

the Knowledge Base article will point you there.